A next generation approach for applying data science to effective decision making
Data is complex. Our new structured approach makes connections between pieces of data, analyzes and predicts, and converts findings into meaningful insights.
GATHER DATA Datashop integrates raw streams of data into a structured data pool on a big data infrastructure.
PUBLIC DATA Data from the web and social networks.
PRIVATE DATA Enterprise data inlcuding Excel files, PDFs, CSVs, and other files.`
PARTNER DATA Data from vendors such as Thomson Reuters, CapIQ, weather.com, and others.
ANALYSE DATA Use our analytics engines to predict, optimize, and learn key insights from your data.
PREDICT Build predictive models from datasets to envision and grasp the future.
LEARN Learn from the corpus of knowledge and enhance decision-making processes with our machine learning engines.
OPTIMIZE Perfect operations and plan effectively with integrated data and optimization models.
VISUALIZE INSIGHT Visualize your data simply and efficiently on our browser and mobile- based, customizable dashboards.
DASHBOARDS Interactive actionable insights at your fingertips to make effective, data-driven decisions.
MOBILE APPS Give your team the power of mobility to make qualified decisions on the fly.
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