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ITGen is a young, high-growth information technology company based in the business hub of LA. We partner with an extensive network of vendors and contractors to offer a range of IT services to our customers across the United States. ITGen is a fast growing company, focused on providing consulting and application development services in Information Technology. We combine technical expertise with in-depth business knowledge to provide the best solutions to organizations in Healthcare, financial, technology, Telecom, banking, accounting, sales and marketing, administrative, customer service, and other areas. 

A team of experienced IT professionals founded ITGen Systems with backgrounds in SAP, UI and Business Intelligence. ITGen offers IT infrastructure and operations management services, application hosting, systems integration, Digital Marketing and IT consulting. We provide highly skilled professionals who are trained and reliable and support our customers and their business in the long-term. Learn More
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Use SAP software and technologies to meet your specific business needs, now and in the future – with help from SAP Services. SAP Jobs in USA are the hottest ones with the highest salaries in SAP market. With the expansion of the market and the development of the economy and technology in USA, more and more companies are using SAP as their ERP system, hence the number of SAP jobs in USA is growing rapidly. The  USA cities with most SAP Job offers: Houston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, etc.
We go the extra mile to work closely with our customers to clearly understand their business environment and the required staffing resource requirements.  We ensure that candidates have the education and experience necessary to perform well in the role, as well as the personality profile and character traits necessary for fulfilling the job duties. A good fit for the job also means being a good fit for the company. Our recruiting team with over 10 years of experience has an extensive database of candidates through referrals and networking who identifies the most qualified candidates for each position. 
A next generation approach for applying data science to effective decision making. Data is complex. Our new structured approach makes connections between pieces of data, analyzes and predicts, and converts findings into meaningful insights.Datashop integrates raw streams of data into a structured data pool on a big data infrastructure. Datashop integrates raw streams of data into a structured data pool on a big data infrastructure.
Our cross industry experience helps us service multiple clients and deliver superior solutions across industry segments and verticals.
Harness real-time customer and point of sale (POS) insights, reach shoppers across any channel and get the visibility your business need to optimize everything from merchandising to supply chain.
We help you shorten the time from concept to customer; boost collaboration across the supply chain; and offer end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and speed.
Consumer Products
Bring consumers closer to your operations by eliminating gaps in demand-supply fulfillment through intelligent resource management solutions.
Life Sciences
We help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other companies enhance global health in new and innovative ways.
Wholesale Distributions
We help wholesale businesses achieve excellence by deriving intelligent business insights across all departments on a unified IT platform.
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